A qualified and experienced team with constant
upgradation in knowhow and professionalism
accomplishing mutual goals of immense customer
satisfaction. The team comprises directors and senior
management as top-level authorities in the hierarchy
and general manager in the manufacturing
department to maintain and oversee employees at
the least level.

The product has a peak formula and maintains a fast
pace of development and growth. To sync by
coming up with branch offices in major cities

Hence, manufacturing exceptional to set out acme

Parag Patel

Man of virtue and self-principled, Mr Parag is one of the leads of the company. An engineer turned entrepreneur applied his vast experience in the business for the highest good of the company.

Sandeep Sharma

The resource for deep pockets of the company, Mr Sandeep, a marketing strategist, is an anchor for the prominence. Applies imbibed education with commendable interpersonal skills.

Parag Koradia

A technical mind and master of engineering graduate, Mr Parag is another stratagem asset of the
company who with great zeal achieves the impossible.

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