The company is engrossed in the solution holistically,
significantly with the manufacturer of Anilox Rolls and

Anilox Roller is the distinguishing feature of the printing
press with maximum impact on the performance. It has
the outcome of advancing printing procedures.
Enumerating the products the company provides
ensuring the solution to your specific requisites.

Roller Formats
Anilox Engraving Technology
Different Designs


The optimized ceramic Anilox Rollers meet all
the requirements of diversified coatings.
Advanced for use with dispersion, UV or
blister coatings.

The expertise and considerable experience
create a high level of processing reliability in
excellent results to cope. Anilox Rollers are
flexible to the involvement in lacquering,
adhesives for diverse and demanding needs
of the sector.

Label printing

Labels are the source of brand visibility & technical
information to any selling product. Mostly, performed as
web work. The requisites for printing machines involve
bottle labels, barcodes, or type- and-serial number plates,
all under one roof just with the manufacture of Anilox
Rollers. Similarly, the quick jobbers know the quality
ceramic coating, supplied both to steel cylinders and
aluminum sleeves, making it all seamless.

Distinctive demands and multifaceted solutions

The manufacturing is well equipped to accomplish
distinctive demands and applications of the equipment.
Applications to a wide range of substrates are easy routes
for ACME.

Rollers with advanced results

HD Flexo printing with particular reference to UV inks and
minimal waste is the idea. The rollers acquire optimal
reproducibility to fingerprint and printing jobs with tight
color tolerance. Hence, the advanced results are the

Flexible packaging

Sophisticated packaging considering lucrative, methodical
& circumstantial sustainability is also a challenge with
mere packaging accepted gracefully here, providing
sound expert advice for applications. A challenge to be
creative is altogether an invention phase every time for
ACME to serve the industry.


The perfection in ink transfer in new and repeat print jobs
is company’s forte. Anilox Rollers are environment friendly
for the packaging materials allowing packaging film
material with water-based coloured ink. Hence,
contributions with advanced results.


Here, Anilox Rollers accomplish the packaging material,
brochures, catalogs and large area offset prints. The
liberty to use rollers with any coating system with
permanent, stable adhesion and high operation
performance. The ceramic Anilox Rollers perform from
homogenous surfaces to multiple coating.

PVDC Coating

Polyvinylidene Chloride or PVDC is applied in barrier films
with Anilox Rolls to deliver top-quality performance for
long life.

Adhesive Application

Adhesives cater to modern packaging technology with a
vital role in other areas of application ensures reliable
reproduction and longer life of rolls with ceramic anilox.


Silicone setting a benchmark with a high tolerance of
temperatures, resistance to chemicals and high separation
efficiency. The Anilox Roller solutions for the coating
sector allows siliconizing to high-quality films, adhesive
tapes and paper.


Ceramic hot melt rollers have a significantly longer life
than steel or chrome cylinders. The partial gravure trick
manages laser engraving to be limited to hot-melt
purposes for resource savings.

Exceptional Outcome Coatings

Coatings involving gold, silver, iodine or matt-gloss
(drip-off) finish has a developed gravure format to provide
special-effect coatings. Altogether, different life to printing
matters is a goal.


In recent years, printing corrugated cardboard has
continued to evolve and develop in a considerate way for
pre and post printing. On the collation, Corrugated is more
absorbent than plastic film, aluminum foil or other unique
papers for the printing purpose. As in consideration for
flexo printing on corrugated differs more from other flexo
processes in some significant aspects. The demand for
traditional print jobs involves more inclination towards
fine-line definitions and increasing quality demands.
Anilox Rollers from ACME provides the best quality
printing results as per the market demand.
Application to the printing of corrugated cardboard can
always be advanced. Transfer to high standards from other
areas of flexo printing, inclusive of large Anilox Rollers.

ACME Cleaning Solutions

Acme Clean Paste

A seamless performance prerequisites maintenance and
care of Anilox Rolls, stating this we have our valued
product and perfect solution for Anilox cleaning. ACME
clean paste for water-based, UV, solvent inks. ACME Clean
Paste will effectively & efficiently remove dried ink from
the engraving without damaging the cell structure on
ceramic rolls & sleeves. It removes water, UV, and most
Solvent-based inks, and instances have those tough stains
found on the roll face.

Acme Clean Paste is available in 1 Pack (2 Bottles – 500 ml
each) . We recommend using Acme Clean Brush along
with Acme Clean Paste.

Acme Clean Brush

Proving it already with manufacturing right and now the
maintenance care is expertise too. A good quality Anilox
Roll scrub brush is the most cost-effective maintenance
tool your press operator can have. The idea of engineering
each soft stainless steel bristle is to remove dried ink at the
bottom cell. Anilox Rollers are convenient with stainless
steel brush cleansing only.

Discrete Key

The printing industry is facing unique challenges in each
task. Oath to render the best to later result in the
ambitions and individualistic solutions to the problems is
the key.

Discrete applications – A single set of services

To participate accurately to the unique needs, application
of an individualistic set of services such as:

  • Anilox Roller Inspection
  •  Evaluation of print samples
  •  Acme clean paste is an easier way to make Anilox Rolls clean and ready for applications
  • Advice with basic machine configurations
  •  Customized Anilox engraving technologies
  •  Discussion workshops and employee training courses
We are ever ready platform in unique challenges relevant to printing and process viable solutions with optimized performance. Let’s explore
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