ACME Cleaning Solutions

Acme Clean Paste

A seamless performance prerequisites maintenance and
care of Anilox Rolls, stating this we have our valued
product and perfect solution for Anilox cleaning. ACME
clean paste for water-based, UV, solvent inks. ACME Clean
Paste will effectively & efficiently remove dried ink from
the engraving without damaging the cell structure on
ceramic rolls & sleeves. It removes water, UV, and most
Solvent-based inks, and instances have those tough stains
found on the roll face.

Acme Clean Paste is available in 1 Pack (2 Bottles – 500 ml
each) . We recommend using Acme Clean Brush along
with Acme Clean Paste.

Acme Clean Brush

Proving it already with manufacturing right and now the
maintenance care is expertise too. A good quality Anilox
Roll scrub brush is the most cost-effective maintenance
tool your press operator can have. The idea of engineering
each soft stainless steel bristle is to remove dried ink at the
bottom cell. Anilox Rollers are convenient with stainless
steel brush cleansing only.

Discrete Key

The printing industry is facing unique challenges in each
task. Oath to render the best to later result in the
ambitions and individualistic solutions to the problems is
the key.

Discrete applications – A single set of services

To participate accurately to the unique needs, application
of an individualistic set of services such as:

  • Anilox Roller Inspection
  •  Evaluation of print samples
  •  Acme clean paste is an easier way to make Anilox Rolls clean and ready for applications
  • Advice with basic machine configurations
  •  Customized Anilox engraving technologies
  •  Discussion workshops and employee training courses
We are ever ready platform in unique challenges relevant to printing and process viable solutions with optimized performance. Let’s explore
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