Acme Rolltech Pvt. Ltd., founded in 2018, is India’s first indigenous anilox roll manufacturing company.

We provide ink and metering solutions to label, flexible packaging, corrugated, envelope, can coating, offset, coating and lamination industries as well as the OEMs with best quality, affordable cost and fastest delivery.

High screen, High Volume: Latest Fiber Laser Engraving Machine with multi-beam technology

We handle rolls up to length of 4500mm and diameter of 600mm

Ceramic Coatings by using the latest plasma process and fully automated robotic system to achieve a consistent, extremely dense and wear resistance ceramic with minimal porosity for precise laser engraving

New fabrication and reconditioning, both services, for anilox rolls and sleeves

‘Shree Sava’

We strongly believe in the power of the Sanskrit numeric ‘Shree Sava’ that also adds to conceptualising the essence of Acme Rolltech. Interpreted as 1.25 in English, the philosophical approach behind this symbolic genre translates to ever-expanding growth of Acme Rolltech year in and year out. This escalation names to surplus avails and up-trending customer satisfaction. Traditionally, the significance is inspirational for Acme Rolltechin putting more efforts towards accelerating upwards thus benefitting the end users. Acme Rolltechhas always believed and followed this concept and this can be well glimpsed in the approach as well as execution of Acme Rolltech.