PVDC Coating

Polyvinylidene Chloride or PVDC is applied in barrier films
with Anilox Rolls to deliver top-quality performance for
long life.

Adhesive Application

Adhesives cater to modern packaging technology with a
vital role in other areas of application ensures reliable
reproduction and longer life of rolls with ceramic anilox.


Silicone setting a benchmark with a high tolerance of
temperatures, resistance to chemicals and high separation
efficiency. The Anilox Roller solutions for the coating
sector allows siliconizing to high-quality films, adhesive
tapes and paper.


Ceramic hot melt rollers have a significantly longer life
than steel or chrome cylinders. The partial gravure trick
manages laser engraving to be limited to hot-melt
purposes for resource savings.

Exceptional Outcome Coatings

Coatings involving gold, silver, iodine or matt-gloss
(drip-off) finish has a developed gravure format to provide
special-effect coatings. Altogether, different life to printing
matters is a goal.

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