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about us

Pioneers since 2018 and established to deliver technically
sound printing to relevant consumers. ACME Rolltech is
the first Indian company to manufacture new ceramic
rolls & sleeves, refurbish old rolls, offer cleaning solutions
& roll auditing services. Catering to a varied market
segment and industries for Labels / Narrow Web Flexo,
Wide Web Flexo, Offset Coating, Corrugation, CI Flexo &
Specialty Coating applications as the forte.

Technocrats with strong fundamentals took a bold step
into manufacturing the never so been in India. The reason
is to give the quality products and development at par
with international standards.

Presently, serving industries like Print & Packaging, Paper
& Film Specialty coating applications.

Vision & Mission

Subsequently to maintain the recognition achieved with strong ethics. ACME Rolltech is an eminent manufacturer of anilox rollers from India.
The goal is to expand the footprints through leveraging
technical skills, experience, and prompt service in a
competitive market with an elevated mindset.

ACME Rolltech conceptualizes with a strong belief in the power of Sanskrit numeric
‘Shree Sava’ interpreted as 1.25 in mathematics. The philosophical approach
behind the symbolic gene translates to the
ever-expanding growth of services &

Traditionally, the significance is also an
inspiration for the team to deliver with
precision to accelerate upwards, benefitting
the end-users.
The idea is to set out exceptional than mere
selling for manufacturing the product.
Acme Rolltech believes in customer 1st


The development of an Anilox is a matter of high precision and quality control in each step of the process.

Exhaustive inspection is performed on the floor to deliver the best quality roller. As to match every unit in terms of variation and quality as per SOPs asserted for every function.


We abide by the code of business conduct.
We work under the framework of the law of
the land and international laws with assured
transparent dealings.


A strict secrecy policy as a provision is in the
documents. Severe penalties in violation of
any information related to the unit are

The status of the client does not influence
the quality of the product and services
delivered. Professionalism and equal
attention with the same enthusiasm is a
significant value of ACME Rolltech.

We never discriminate based on religion, caste,
colour, sex, etc. Everyone is equal and treated

What we say, we do it.

International Presence

Serving countries like Israel, Greece, Poland, Turkey, Dubai, Kenya, South Africa, Uganda,
Australia and Mexico all over the world. With sheer dedication and strong commitment
we have made a mark in all these countries.



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